- Mr Jeff Stanek

    - Room 304

    - stanekj@stregis.k12.mt.us


    Covid-19 Remote Lesson Plans for Students



    Student participation is required in all classes.  Grades are attached to their level of participation.  If a student is gone for the following reasons, they will be exempt from participation points. 
    1. Medical/Doctor
    2. Death of an immediate family member 
    3. School event
    4. Subpoena from court
    5. Religious Holiday 
    If a student is marked excused and missed the daily participation pts, they will be able to make up those points by completing a 1 pg paper.  The student is expected to meet with the teacher to receive the writing prompt.  If they fail to meet with the teacher, the student will receive 0 participation pts.  For every day a student misses school and the participation pts, they will have one day to hand in the paper.  See example below:
    1.  1 day of absence=1 day to make it up.  If John is gone 5 days, he will have 5 days to make it up.  If he doesn't get it in on day 5, he will get a 0.  John will be expected to hand in 5 papers.  If John hands in 3 of the 5 papers, he will receive participation points for those 3 days.