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    Remote School 'Covornavirus' Assignments

    All Science Courses: Science Google Classroom Links Grades 7-12




    Classes Taught:

    Anatomy and Physiology




    7th Grade Integrated Science

    8th Grade Integrated Science

    Aquatic Science


     Late Work:

    Points will be deducted from a student’s grade if work is handed in late.  For every week an assignment/project/power focus is late, points will be taken off.  Below is the rule for late assignments:


    1 week (5 school days) late-10% reduction

    2 weeks (10 school days) late-20% reduction

    3 weeks (15 school days) late-30% reduction

    4 weeks (20 school days) late-40% reduction

    5 weeks or more (25+ school days) late-50% reduction


    *For emergency purposes (Dr. notes/school events/etc) considerations for extending deadline may be made.


    Grading Scale:

    In order to promote uniformity and fairness in the academic letter grading formula for the St. Regis Public Schools, and to support our concern for Excellence in Education, the Board of Trustees, School District 1, has adopted a 4.00 grading schedule with the following percentile formula for grading standards to be applied in grade levels 4-12.

    Percentile Scores

    Letter Grades

















    69 Percent and below



    • This grading schedule specifically prohibits recording or awarding letter grades of A+ C- in any subjects in grades 4-12.
    • Pass or No Pass will be assigned for Teacher Assistance.


    Students will be assigned an Incomplete (I) if a student has not completed the coursework, unless administration approves an extended period of time for extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances may include, but is not limited to medical conditions, death or severe illness of a family member, or military transfers or leave periods. The grade of incomplete will stand until the student has demonstrated mastery of the course.



    Student participation is required in all classes.  Grades are attached to their level of participation.  If a student is gone for the following reasons, they will be exempt from participation points. 
    1. Medical/Doctor
    2. Death of an immediate family member 
    3. School event
    4. Subpoena from court
    5. Religious Holiday 
    If a student is marked excused and missed the daily participation pts, they will be able to make up those points by completing a 1 pg paper.  The student is expected to meet with the teacher to receive the writing prompt.  If they fail to meet with the teacher, the student will receive 0 participation pts.  For every day a student misses school and the participation pts, they will have one day to hand in the paper.  See example below:
    1.  1 day of absence=1 day to make it up.  If John is gone 5 days, he will have 5 days to make it up.  If he doesn't get it in on day 5, he will get a 0.  John will be expected to hand in 5 papers.  If John hands in 3 of the 5 papers, he will receive participation points for those 3 days.