BPA 2020 - 2021

  • BPA has several fundraisers and community service activities throughout the academic year. This year, BPA will run:


    1. Special Olympics "Special Dots" Fundraiser: St Regis BPA will be passing around donation cans to area business during the 2020-2021 school year to raise funds for Montana Special Olympics. 100% of the proceeds will go to that organization. All donation cans are hand-made by the students and can be found at local business.


    2. Krispey Kremes: St Regis has made a tradition of serving up hot-n-tasty donuts every December. This year is no different. BPA members will be taking donut order (with payments) from December 1st - 14th. Donuts will be delivered on December 17th. Members, please make sure to collect payment when taking the orders. All checks payable "St Regis Schools".


    3. Valentines Day Cookies and Roses: St Regis BPA Members will once again be spreading the love. Keep tuned for more information.


  • Business Professionals of America, or BPA, is an organization for High School Students to prepare themselves to take a part in a workforce or business setting after they graduate. BPA teaches students to use their time wisely, and learn valuable work ethics. In BPA, students have the opportunity to compete in areas that they either are interested in, or they recognize that they need to improve upon. The organized, scheduled atmosphere is ideal to cultivate self-confidence, and inspires students to go even farther.


    Upcoming events: 

    Regional Leadership Conference, Missoula Montana, December 2020

    State Leadership Conference, Billings Montana, February/March 2021 

    Regional Leadership Conference, Anaheim California, April 2021 

BPA 2019 - 2020


    In a year cut short by Covid (sorry Carter, you ain't going to DC), St Regis BPA once again stood at the top of the stage at the state level. The highlight of the State Leadership Conference in Billings in March was a toss-up: do you vote for Carter's overwhelming welcome from all 2,000 BPA-ers when his name was finally called - after a very dramatic pause - as the 6th and final Montana BPA State Officer? Or do you vote for Kylee Thompson's deciding victory over Ian Farris to take top honors in the state in Advanced Word Processing? First time ever that a Thompson beat a Farris in this event, and it was their Senior Year!!  St Regis took 1-2 in that event at the state level. Definitely an indication of the state of CTE during these students' formative years.
    All the kids were tremendous and I couldn't be prouder of their achievements and their professionalism. Below is a list of our top 10 finishers as well as acknowledgement of Carter Jaspers election as a BPA State Officers.  
    • Kylee Thompson - 1st PLACE in Advanced Word Processing (National Qualifier)
    • Ian Farris - 2nd PLACE in Economic Research Paper (National Qualifier)
    • Ian Farris - 7th Place in  Advanced Word Processing
    • Ian Farris - 7th Place in Business Law and Ethics
    • Andrew Sanford -  7th Place in Legal Office Systems and Procedures 
    • Andrew Sanford -  10th Place in Economic Research Paper
    • Jakob Lohman - 10th Place in  Legal Office Systems and Procedures
    • Carter Jasper - 3rd Place in Business Law and Ethics (National Qualifier)
    • Baylee Pruitt - 10th Place in Intermediate Word Processing.
    Carter Jasper got elected as  Montana State BPA Officer to fill the role of Montana BPA Membership Director. Carter would have been able to fulfill his life-long dream (all 15 years) of going to Washington DC as an elected official: to represent the state of Montana at the National Convention in Washington DC in May. Don't worry Carter, there is always "Carter 2026". 
    A special thank you to the the St Regis School District and Staff for their continued support. The students (and their advisors) really appreciate it. 

    I just wanted to say once again how proud I was of all of you that attended the SLC in Billings. Independent of the academic success, your behaviour was exemplary and your commitment to professional was more than I could have asked for: including but not limited to being a bloody mess on the behalf of formal footwear (Baylee, you are allowed to wear more comfortable shoes in California between events!).
    In fact, I had several other advisors come up to me and comment (positively) on attitude and focussed-ness during the competitive events. And to me, this is the ultimate sign of success, when people walk away from a meeting with you and they have a positive memory. I believe, this will get you further in life than all the tests you ever take. 
    Having said that, let's talk about the academic success you brought the school by kicking-butt at the SLC! We all know how well you did individually and in teams, but has a Chapter -  WE ROCKED IT!! 

    We qualified 11 students for the NLC based on their performance at the state competition:

    • Madison Kelly: 1st place in Economic Research Individual
    • Ashley Wilson: 1st place in Entrepreneurship
    • Emma Hill: 2nd place in Presentation Management
    • Makynna Lowry: 2nd place in Advanced Word Processing
    • Madison Kelly, Makaela Kelly and Baylee Pruitt: 1st place in Economic Research Team
    • Emma Hill, Kylee Thompson, Taylor Hurd: 4th place in Small Business Management Team
    • Ian Farris: 6th place in Advanced Word Processing
    • Makaela Kelly: 5th place in Basic Office Procedures
    • Carter Jasper: 7th place in Business Law and Ethics


    This shows a tremendous dedication to the program and a is a true testament to yourselves and the students and advisors who have come before. 


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  • Feel free to contact St. Regis BPA Chapter Advisor, Michael Cooper, for more information. E-mail Address: cooperm@stregis.k12.mt.us